Turns and Rounds

You can set the turn order of your squads relative to each other by reordering the squad slots in the top action bar. In WarMage Battlegrounds, turns alternate from player to player and squad to squad. The player that goes first is determined randomly. The round's turn list then alternates teams, players and all of their squads before completing a round.

Whichever squad you place in the first slot of your action bar will be the first squad you command and the squad in the second slot will be the second and so on. A round is made up of one turn for every squad on both teams. As squads are destroyed players have less turns in a round.

On your turn you can do the following:

  1. Use a consumable scroll or spell,
  2. Move the squad whose turn it is, and
  3. Use one of that squad's abilities.

Important Note : Using a squad's ability ends that squad's turn. You must use a spell or scroll prior to using a squad ability. You may move a squad first and then use a spell or scroll but once you use one of your squad's abilities your turn is over.

In the lower-right of the screen you will see a list of color-coded squads. Each color represents a player or computer controlled opponent. This is the Turn List and shows the order in which all Squads in the Battle, both yours, your teammate’s (if you have one) and those of your enemy, will take actions. When it is your turn to take an action your squad will light up and you will be presented with a squad action bar just beneath your five squad icons in the top portion of the interface.