Battle Units


A squad is a group of one or more units of the same type. Players can have up to 5 squads in a battle. Players get one turn per round for each squad. Squads also have a chance to win an extra turn. Each squad type has a variety of statistics and abilities used in battle, a Battle Point cost, and a maximum quantity of units allowed in each squad for game balance purposes. Before clicking "Ready for Battle" in the battle queue or at anytime in the game lobby, you may adjust the quantity of units you have in each of your five squads. In order to enter a battle you cannot exceed the total amount of Battle Points allowed for the chosen battle or the maximum squad size allowed for each type of battle unit. All battles have a Battle Point limit per player to balance the teams. The total amount of Battle Points currently in your Battle Configuration is found directly below your five squads in the top action bar.

Squad Abilities

Once a battle begins, ability buttons used for your squads will appear below the five squad slots. The ability buttons shown will represent the current squad’s abilities. As you go from turn to turn and squad to squad, these abilities will change.

Here is an overview of how squads work:

  • Squads can move a number of hexes determined by their speed statistic and use only one of the following abilities: Basic (morale earning) Special (morale consuming) Abilities, and the Defend/End Turn Ability.
  • Special Abilities cost Morale to use. Morale is a resource pool shared by all squads in battle and earned through using Morale earning abilities. WarMage statistics, artifacts, and more can affect the amount of Morale earned in battle.
  • Moving and Defending, and Basic Attack Abilities do not have a Morale cost. If you are out of Morale or don't want to spend Morale and you can't use your Morale Earning Abilities, it would be wise to use the Defend Ability since it is free and provides a defensive bonus to that squad.
  • Using any ability other than move will end that squad's turn. Make sure you use a spell or scroll before using a squad's ability.