Game Lore

Creation Myth

Excerpts from the Book of Toraba'an
Book 1, Verse 1
Translated by Annish il'Shiean

Ages ago the gods walked the face of Kator; their steps heavy and deliberate, their faces and voices filled with anguish and sorrow. Then, out of the darkness Zathene, Eldest of the gods, spoke. "Why do we remain alone?" she asked. "Shall we not have companionship and servants and enjoy the fruits of their labors?" And the other gods heartily agreed, except Satarus who stood apart and silent.

"How shall we proceed?" inquired Marthos, the youngest of the gods.

"We will shape this world and create Palaces in which we will all reside," responded Idha with a great smile. And all of the gods agreed that this was good.

Zathene was given the honor of being first, as she was Eldest and Wisest, and she bowed low in acknowledgement. Removing a strand of white stones she wore about her neck she tossed them high into the sky. Up they flew until they stuck into the firmament and glittered faintly down upon the world.

Then, taking a diamond from her brow she blew on it softly and it began to glow brightly. The more Zathene blew on the stone the brighter it shone until it was so bright that the other gods could no longer look upon her. Finally, she tossed the stone up into the sky where it too stuck into the firmament and began to bathe the world with its pale light.

Siedon wept at the beauty of the newly created stars and moon. Zathene, his closest friend and companion, was moved by his tears and put her arms around him. While the two stood embracing one another, Siedon's tears collected at his feet and soon in the low places of the world.

After a time his tears stopped, but not before the depths had been filled and created the oceans. Sideon stood on the shore of the ocean and knelt at the water's edge. There he scooped the water up into his hands and tasted it. It was salty and tasted foul for it was made of his tears and, grimacing, he spat it back out.

A great cloud formed in the air before him where he spat and began to move swiftly away. As it moved it grew larger and darker and soon thunder shook the ground, lightning flashed in the darkness, and water, this time sweet and fresh to the taste, began to fall from the cloud. The rain fell on the assembled gods and they stared up at it, tasted it, and laughed. Soon streams, rivers and lakes began to form and flow across the darkened lands.

A great laugh was heard, startling the gods, and all turned to see Thorok, who was known as The Bull for he was large, loud and often boisterous, stamping his feet and clapping his hands in joy. Beneath the hammering of his feet and hands the ground began to shake and crack. Soon all of the land was rumbling and began to rise in a great wave away from the spot at which Thorok celebrated. The waves traveled outward from the god and as they did the land raised forming hills and eventually mountains.

The ground shook so hard for a time that each of the gods fell to their feet. Angrily, they turned to Thorok but soon their anger faded as they stared in amazement at the mountains rising up from the ocean before them. High above, their peaks nearly covered by the gathered clouds, the gods could see the first glimpses of snow.

Razzus the Golden-Eyed stared open-mouthed at the beauty of the stars, the moon, the oceans and the mountains, and laughed until her sides hurt. Eventually she could no longer hold her breath and she exhaled with a great exertion. Her breath blew out of her mouth with a force that whipped the hair and clothes of the assembled gods before speeding off across the ocean. Even as she took in another breath the wind continued to howl about the towering mountains and pushed the storm clouds away and into the distance.

Now the gods stood in amazement at what they had created; mountains, oceans, rain and thunder, wind, and even the stars and the moon. There was something missing though and as one the gods turned to look questioningly at Marthos who stood silently holding a flaming brand.

Marthos looked about at the wonders the other gods had created, then back at his siblings, and then his eyes fell upon the fiery torch he held in his hand. A great smile broke his face and, leaning back, he threw the torch into the sky with all of his might. It soared high and far, blazing brighter and brighter each moment, until soon it fell out of sight beyond the distant horizon and darkness returned.

Hours passed and soon the gods began to grow restless, but soon Razzus pointed to the eastern sky which had begun to brighten. "Look there," she exclaimed, pointing. Within moments Marthos' fiery brand burst over the horizon, flooding the land with light once again. Over the heads of the gods it passed until it once again fell out of sight beyond the western horizon and moonlit darkness returned. Twice more the gods stood and watched the Marthos' Brand pass from east to west until at last they congratulated Marthos and rejoiced.

Idha, the fairest of the gods with dark brown, braided tresses that fell to her knees, stood apart from the others, smiling at the beauty of the land, the waters, and the sky, but saddened by how empty it felt. The wind whistled across the barren landscape and the waves crashed on the shore, but no other sounds were heard.

Suddenly she began cutting her hair and letting it fall to the ground about her feet. As the locks fell, flowers began to grow up out of the hair and soon spread across the land. Within moments bees and many other insects flew from the mound of hair and began buzzing around the now-blooming flowers. Where flowers had begun to grow other plants soon sprouted; dark green ivy spread across the rocks, bushes with berries of red and blue grew and covered the hillsides, and then great trees, many towering above the gods, began to cover the valleys and mountain-sides.

Idha continued to cut her hair and eventually the mound grew even with her waist. Suddenly from it emerged first a rat, then a snake, a deer, a wolf and then a large bear. More animals soon emerged one after the other and just as quickly disappeared into the forest. At last Idha had no more hair to cut and so she gathered it into her arms and cast the hair into the sky. From it emerged all manner of bird and insect until at last the hair settled down onto the waters of the ocean and rivers. There, it transformed into fish, crab, and eventually as it sunk out of sight into the deep into watery plants.

The gods looked about them once again and marveled at what they had wrought; the air was sweet with the smell of flowers, the water teemed with fish and plant, and the land abounded with all manner of life. The buzzing of bees, singing of birds, the crash of the waves upon the shore, and the rumble of distant storms created a world alive and more beautiful than anything any of the gods had imagined in the long years in the Void.

Of all of the gods, Satarus was the least pleased by the creations of his brothers and sisters for the sounds of the forest disturbed his sleep, the rain soaked his clothes, and the wind tore at his hair. He took refuge deep in a cave and there hid away from the others for a time. But even deep in a cave, far from the forest, the wind and the rain he could not find peace for the sounds of the beetle and worm burrowing through the ground and the squeak of the bat overhead continued to rouse him from his deep slumber.

Eventually, he decided to raise his concerns with the other gods and demand they return the world to its primeval state so that he could rest in peace. As he emerged from his place of refuge he found himself facing the fierce eyes of a great bear. The bear reared up, towering above Satarus, and roared mightily! Quickly he leapt aside as the bear swung a great paw at him.

Looking around for something to defend himself with, Satarus spied a large rock with sharp edges on the cave floor. He picked the rock up, charged, and with one mighty swing of the sharp rock slew the bear. With this action Satarus brought death to Kator, completed the cycle, and became known as the Bringer of Death.

Now, the gods gathered together and rejoiced for they had brought the world into existence and it was good, but despite their amazing creations the gods were still lonely for the beasts, birds, fish and insects could not listen to the words of the gods. Nor could the beasts and creatures of the world learn all that the gods wished to teach them. So the gods contemplated their loneliness for many years even while exploring their new world until one day when they had all gathered together Idha said to the others, "We shall make animals to resemble us and these we shall teach and befriend!" The others agreed heartily and this is how the races of the world came to be.

Thorok created the Dwarves and Giants from the rock of the mountains themselves, Marthos the Dragonkin and the Minotaur with the fire that burnt in his breast, Idha the Elves to share and protect the trees and beasts of the forests, Siedon the Humans to share the seas, and many years later Razzus created the Faery to share the skies. Only Zathene and Satarus remained apart for they were tired from their work and slumbered deeply.