Game Lore

Deities and Heroes


Zathene, Mother
Eldest of the gods, Zathene is also sometimes called "Mother" for it she who first walked in the darkness of the Void. When the gods gathered to create Kator, it was Zathene who was given the place of honor and who created the Firmament and the Moon.

After the world was created and populated with the races Zathene grew tired and fell into a deep sleep. In her slumber she dreamed of nightmares and those nightmares became the demons that haunt the dreams and the Realm of Mist to which everyone goes when they die.

Zathene is worshiped by few these days for the interpretation of dreams, omens and the Moon has fallen out of favor, but once long ago she inspired thousands to sacrifice others in her name. It is said that on the clearest of nights if you look at the Moon you can sometimes catch a glimpse of her slumbering face, though few dare try in case they are snared by her dreams and the Demons that reside within.

It is said that Siedon and Marthos were once close friends as well as brothers, but love came between them and since that day they have been bitter rivals and enemies. That love was Idha, the Fairest of the gods, and both Siedon and Marthos loved her from the first moment they set eyes upon her.

For many years the two gods courted Idha. Siedon conjured mighty storms to show her how strong he was, he took her to lakes with water so pure and pristine that it was as if one had looked into a mirror, but he could never convince her to go with him on his first love, the ocean, for Idha was terrified of the open waters.

Idha only had eyes for Marthos from the first moment, despite Siedon's efforts. Being full of life and passion, Marthos was drawn to Idha for she was imbued with life itself, while Siedon was cold and his emotions were a tempest; calm one moment and unpredictably wild the next.

After long years Siedon grew angry and eventually the two fought over Idha's affections. Siedon's wrath was terrible to behold, the sky darkened, lightning flashed, and the ground shook from the thunderclaps. But Marthos stood firm and soon the light of Marthos' Brand cut through the storm-clouds and quickly dispersed them away across the plains. Soon even the pools from Siedon's wrath were dried up and warmth reigned again on the face of Kator.

Siedon, Storm-Chaser
At the dawn of the world, the gods stood assembled and watched in awe as thunderclouds, booming with thunder and shaking with lightning, rolled across the plains and then onto the ocean. Siedon, whose own spittle had created the storm, laughed and went running after the clouds. When he reached the ocean and was buffeted by powerful waves he stood watching the storm recede into the distance, saddened because he could not continue after.

Days he stood on the shore and the other gods continued creating the world. Plants and animals grew around Siedon's still form, fish leapt from the waters only to be caught by birds in the sky. Suddenly a large trunk of a tree bumped against Siedon's leg. It had caught in the waves and was washed ashore. Siedon idly noted that it floated on the water and instantly inspiration struck!

The assembled gods watched as Siedon gathered together many fallen logs, tying them together with vine, and then fashioning a long pole with which to push and steer. As Siedon climbed aboard and set out to sea, a great smile of contentment on his face, the waves carried him further and further from shore. He exclaimed in a great voice, "I shall catch the storm, you watch!" and soon was gone from sight.

Storm-Chaser he became known as by his brothers and sisters and later by the other races for he was always trying to catch the storms that swept across the land and sea. Sailors believe that Siedon resides beneath the waves in the deepest parts of the oceans and that he protect many from the demons of the deep. Others believe he lives in the storm-clouds and that his anger rumbles across the land. A few still know the truth, that any time there are storms you will find Siedon chasing them.

Thorok the Bull
Thorok is known as The Bull because he is large, broad, and quite loud at times, but also for his prickly temperament and his great love for beer.

East of the Silver Mountains lies a great escarpment, two miles tall and many hundreds long, that separates the high Plains of Bathakia from the low-lands on the Battered Coast. The races of Kator call this escarpment Thorok's Wall for the legends say that one day Thorok was drunk when a great storm rolled over the plains.

Buffeted by strong winds, Thorok grew angry and tried to wrestle the stormclouds. Lightning singed his beard, thunder shook his belly, and with a great blast the wind toppled Thorok over a low rise of hills and onto the plains. His fall was so great that the land beneath him was pushed away and the plains of Bathakia were raised up out of the low-lands.

Razzus the Golden-Eyed
For many years after the creation of Kator Razzus soared high above the lands in the form of a great bird. There, gliding on great currents of air, she gazed down upon the face of Kator in all its beauty, she pierced the thunderheads as they rolled across the plains, and she explored the snow-whipped peaks of the highest mountains.

Only after many years aloft did Razzus finally return to the surface of Kator and mingle once again with her brothers and sisters. And it was during these visits that she met the Elves, Minotaur, and other races that the gods had created during her absence. Her curiosity piqued, she began spending more and more time among them learning their ways and culture.

In time she began to feel a desire to create her own people, for she saw how the other gods interacted with their people, and how the races worshipped and exalted their gods. Frustrated, she transformed back into the form of a bird and flew back into the clouds to think. For many weeks she floated on the air currents, her thoughts troubled.

One day, she found herself in the company of an eagle. Together they floated on the current, Razzus thinking about life and the races, while the Eagle focused on the ground and its next meal. Suddenly the eagle dove for the ground and caught a rabbit in its out-stretched talons. Razzus watched from above and then began to laugh as an idea came to her.

Weeks later the Faery were born, a race of the Air, with delicate wings on which they could hold themselves aloft, but in the form of the gods.

Idha the Fairest
The fairest of the gods, Idha once had long, brown tresses that were intricately braided and hung to near her knees. During the creation of Kator, Idha cut her hair and from it sprang all manner of life including plants, animals, and even insects. Her hair remains short, a reminder of the sacrifice she made for the world.

Idha is known as the Lover, the Gardener, and is known to be a companion of Marthos. Together they are said to wander the forests and plains of Kator, marveling at the beauty that the gods created. She is also the Mother of the Elves and it is within the Forest of Anthrok, amongst the hidden elven cities, that she spends much of her time.

The Elves believe that they were created by Idha in order to enjoy and protect the beauty of Kator. They claim that this not only includes the plants and animals, but also that of the mind and spirit. Because of this belief the Elves spend much of their time composing songs and poetry to Idha.

Satarus, Bringer of Death
Called the "Father" in ancient times, Satarus is one of the Eldest of the gods and was second only to Zathene herself. From the union of Satarus and Zathene came the other gods who together in their wisdom created Kator itself.

Also known as the Bringer of Death, Satarus is said to slumber deep beneath the mountains of Kator, in long-forgotten caverns where none would disturb him. Satarus first brought death to the world, slaying a great bear that had disturbed his sleep, but death brought him no comfort nor did those who chose to follow and praise him in the long years after.

Many races believe that after death they join Satarus in his caverns and there sleep away the ages. Others believe that they wander the world after death as spirits, guarding the entrances to Death's Domain and keeping Satarus from awaking once again.

Heroes of Kator

Egemore the Might, First of the WarMages
The First WarMage, and also the greatest of them, Egemor created the Great Proclamation, a pact that bound all past and future WarMages. It limited where they could fight and what they could bring into battle with them and by doing so it saved the world of Kator from utter destruction.

Little is known about Egemor before his rise to power. His rise to power coincided with the founding of an alliance of WarMages known as The League of Nine. It was this League that overthrew Torgoth and the Bathakian Empire, only to destroy itself fighting over the remnants in the years following. Egemor's greatest battle was fought years later against a resurgent Torgoth, who had become known as the Scourge of Bathakia, and the duel nearly killed him.

After the battle and the proclamation Egemor fought many more battles to bring the remaining WarMages beneath his control and bind them to the pact. Then his story ends, his fate unknown. It is assumed that he died for only the gods are immortal, but none know when, where, how or even if he died.

Some claim that he made a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain of Abban'ash and there was granted an audience with the gods themselves. Others, however, claim he lives among the races still, disguising himself as a common man so that he may travel unnoticed and live his days out in peace.

Torgoth, Minotaur King, Scourge of Bathakia
Legends say that Torgoth, the Scourge of Bathakia, was a powerful sorcerer and the last Emperor of the Bathakian Empire. They claim that it was his desire for power and dominance over all others led to the destruction of that mighty nation.

The Minotaur are loathe to speak of their past, out of shame or perhaps they simply do not wish to tell stories to those they once ruled over. Ancient texts, however, say that Torgoth once sat on the highest seat of the Bathakian Empire, ruling over a vast land many thousands of leagues wide and containing many millions of citizens and slaves.

At the height of the Empire's dominance came its greatest downfall, for Torgoth enraged an alliance of WarMages known as The League of Nine which soon brought destruction down upon Bathakia and its people. Torgoth and his armies resisted bitterly, but were soon overwhelmed and the Emperor was forced to flee east beyond the Ember Hills and onto the Steppes of Desolation where the WarMages of the League did not follow.

Years passed and The League of Nine splintered and fell apart as each WarMage fought one another for the riches of Bathakia. Then one day Torgoth returned leading an army more massive than any seen before and wielding magics so powerful that none could stand before him. In a short time he destroyed all but one of the remaining WarMages of the League and in the process burned and shattered the remaining cities of Bathakia.

It was the battles fought after his return and the brutality that Torgoth exhibited towards other WarMages and the citizens of ancient Bathakia itself that earned him a new name, the Scourge of Bathakia. It was also his return that led to his final confrontation against Egemor the Mighty, First of the WarMages and the founder of The League of Nine. Their final battle is well documented for it led to the Great Proclamation itself and the ending of the Great War.

Thurgat the Bold
The most well-known of the Dwarven WarMages, Thurgat was a member of The League of Nine during the dark years of the Great War. Together with Egemor the Mighty and seven others he overthrew the Bathakian Empire and drove its emperor, Torgoth, into the Burning Steppes.

Before joining The League of Nine, Thurgat was known as one of the greatest of the Dwarven Smiths and Elders to this day speak of him with high regard. He is believed to have forged many Artifacts of Power himself, using ancient techniques taught by the gods in the Days of Peace in Athan'ash.

Thurgat was later defeated by Annitair the Unseen while attempting to secure a foothold in the Silver Mountains near to the Forest of Anthrok. In a great battle that lasted many days, Thurgat and Annitair battled from the highest peaks of the mountains to the caverns deep underground. Only at the end, beneath the great trees of the forest itself, was Thurgat at last slain and his army shattered.

Annitair the Unseen
A cunning leader of armies and a ruthless, some even say merciless warrior, Annitair was once a ranger in the Forest of Anthrok. There amongst the great trees she hunted, tracked, and was at peace. Peace, however, was short-lived in the ancient days for soon war came to the Elves of the Forest and Annitair was forced to take up arms to defend her home.

The wars took their toll on the Elves and Annitair was forced to leave her homeland in order to defend it. She joined an alliance of WarMages known as The League of Nine, led by Egemor the Mighty himself, which fought across much of Kator. Her part in the overthrow of Torgoth and the Bathakian Empire is not well-known, for she fought no great battles in the conquest, but it was instrumental in the downfall of the Empire itself.

While Egemor and the other WarMages battled the armies of Torgoth directly, Annitair slipped past the battlegrounds and struck deep into the Empire. There, behind Torgoth and his army, she raided his supply lines, destroyed his caches and depots, and even dared to sack the capital city of Bathkar itself.

Jonis Torrash
The first of the WarMages to accept the pact of Egemor, Jonis styled himself King of Noralan. His origins are uncertain but he was not born a King and only in later years did he come to rule over Noralan after defeating its ruler, Attis, before the gates of the capital city. His rule, however, was relatively peaceful for Jonis was not bloodthirsty nor a great tyrant, he simply desired stability and modest wealth and in Noralan he found exactly that.

Scholars in Noralan to this day tell of the overthrow of Attis and his allies by Jonis in hushed, reverent tones. It was said that Jonis was gifted in the wielding of all of the elemental magics and that he defeated each of the WarMages of Noralan in three consecutive days. He battled Attis the Giant on the first day, routing him using deadly fire, Gilded Gattan and the Dragonkin on the second day using the power of Water, and Naiden the Fair and her armies on the third day with earthen magics.

Jonis' greatest test came soon after the Great Proclamation as Egemor the Mighty led a mighty army west out of Bathakia and into the Anthrok Vale. Noralan itself lay along the Banotrys River north of the Forest of Anthrok and it was on Jonis that Egemor soon turned his focus. Before the sprawling army of Egemor, Jonis quickly capitulated and accepted the pact of the Great Proclamation that was placed upon him.

Alys Spellbreaker
Alys Spellbreaker was a powerful sorceress who once ruled the ancient Kingdom of Tartus in the years prior to the Great Proclamation. It is said that she ruled with an iron fist and forbid the use of magic within her kingdom, on penalty of death.

The kingdom was located in the region known now as the Sullen Marsh and its cities are nothing more than ruins, slowly sinking into the mud.

Attis, Thorok's Fist
The greatest of the WarMages of the Giants, Attis ruled over a vast swath of territory from the Shivering Plains in the north to the Forest of Anthrok. Together with two allies, Gilded Gattan and Naiden the Fair, he defied the will of the Bathakian Empire for many years and even fought The League of Nine on more than one occasion.

Attis was the tallest Giant in many centuries and with the power of a WarMage at his beckon he was also the most powerful. It was this power, but in particular his capture and sack of the Fortress of Sa'ithor, an ancient Dwarven stronghold, that solidified him in the legends of his people as Thorok's Fist.

Attis ruled Noralan with an iron-fist for many years until the arrival of the WarMage Jonis Torrash. In a series of great battles, Jonis defeated Attis and his allies on three consecutive days.

Gilded Gattan
One of the most feared WarMages, Gattan earned the honorific of Gilded by leading his people to glory and acquiring much wealth and gold in the process. Gold rains where Gattan walks, was the saying by many of the Dragonkin in the north. Later, the name caught on by others outside of the Mountains of Flame, but it referred instead to his scales which took on a golden hue after a series of running battles with the Faery and the Elves, both of whom have yellow blood.

Years before earning his name, Gattan led his armies south out of the Mountains of Flame to earn glory and wealth. He fought for many years in the south and east alongside many other WarMages, including for a time Torgoth of Bathakia. Later, he helped Attis and Naiden defeat Torgoth at the Battle of the Bloody Pass.

Afterwards, with Attis firmly on the Throne of Noralan, Gattan returned to the Mountains of Flame to rule his people in Attis' name. When Jonis Torrash arrived decades later, Gattan rushed south with his army and arrived on the second day. He was soundly defeated by the upstart WarMage and his army routed.

Naiden the Fair
Few expected a WarMage to emerge from amongst the smallest of the races of Kator, but Naiden the Fair has become known as one of the most dangerous and powerful of the WarMages during the Great War. Though she was small and physically weak, her skill and strength in magic was exceeded by few.

For many years, she fought battles against the encroaching armies of Bathakia and was successful for a time in keeping them at bay. The Emperor of Bathakia, however, was not one to be thwarted and each year he would return with an army larger than the one before. Slowly, but surely the cities of the Faery fell to Torgoth.

In desperation, Naiden reached out and formed an alliance with Attis, called Thorok's Fist, and later with one of her most hated enemies, Gilded Gattan himself. Together, the three were able to push the armies of Torgoth back across the Silver Mountains and for a time hold the Empire at bay.

Years later, a human upstart named Jonis Torrash arrived with an army and defeated her allies on consecutive days. On the third day Naiden could have chosen to flee and save herself and her army, but chose to stay and fight. It was a decision that would prove her end, for Jonis soundly defeated her in a magical duel and then routed her army on his way to capture the throne of Noralan.

Ashai of the Baran Sinta
For long years Ashai of the Baran Sinta terrorized the kingdoms and peoples of the Sundered Lands and Battered Coast, plundering the cities along the coasts time and time again. A powerful warrior but brutal and ruthless leader, Ashai's armies were little more than brigands, bandits, and thugs drawn from across Kator, yet somehow they won numerous battles over two decades of fighting.

Ashai was one of the first to fall before Egemor the Mighty during the years before the founding of the League of Nine. In a battle talked about even to this day along the Battered Coast, Egemor and Ashai faced off outside the walls of the great port city of Geneva. Their army fought for days, but in the end the might of Egemor prevailed and Ashai’s army of rabble was destroyed. Ashai himself was said to have fallen in single combat with Egemor, but his body was never recovered. Egemor himself never spoke of the battle except to say that Ashai was a worthy adversary.