Game Lore

Rise of the WarMage

Long ago, before the rise of the WarMages the world of Kator was at war; endless, terrible wars that raged across the land destroying cities and kingdoms. Armies of tyrants marched to conquer territory, to exact retribution on their enemies, and to subjugate the people. Each tyrant sought to dominate the others, but each victory rarely brought a respite from the wars.

In time, there arose a new type of tyrant known as a WarMage. Tyrants in their own right, but with the power to command magic at their fingertips, the WarMages quickly rose to prominence for the lesser tyrants could not stand before them in combat. Now, with WarMages leading the way, the wars grew even more tumultuous and the world was plunged into a dark age known as the Great War.

The Great War lasted for one hundred years and was more bitter, bloody, cruel and devastating than anything that had been seen before. Entire lands were utterly destroyed by powerful spells, armies and even cities were wiped from the face of Kator in an instant, and the fabric of the world itself groaned beneath the onslaught of magical destruction.

As a new age dawned, the two most powerful WarMages met on the field of battle. On one side Egemor the Mighty, first of the WarMages, and on the other side Torgoth, the Minotaur King and Scourge of Bathakia. The struggle lasted for days, raging back and forth across the land, and for a time the outcome was uncertain, but at last Egemor prevailed over his foe and was victorious.

There, on the spot where Torgoth had fallen, Egemor declared the Great Proclamation; a pact to which he would eventually bind all WarMages. The proclamation was simple - No more would Kator suffer endless wars. Instead, each kingdom, each people, would select the fiercest WarMages who would meet on sacred battlegrounds to resolve all disputes. Great honor would be won by those who were victorious on these battlegrounds and the names of the greatest of the WarMages would be renowned across the land for all time. With this proclamation began the time known as the Age of the WarMage.

Nearly a thousand years has passed since the Great Proclamation, but still the WarMages hold to the pact. Battlegrounds in every land are fought over by armies and WarMages, but the people and cities remain untouched. Great honor has indeed been won by these mighty generals and the names of many WarMages are recorded, and some even revered, within the annals of history.