Scrolls can either affect the WarMage's statistics or be used on hexes containing friendly squads. When using a scroll that affects your WarMage statistics, which will be noted in the description, simply click the scroll to use it. When using a scroll that targets hexes that contain friendly squads in them, it functions exactly like a spell. The quantity you possess of each scroll is displayed on the icon. Each time you use a scroll the quantity is reduced by 1.

Scrolls come in three levels of rarity: Common, Rare, and Legendary, with Legendary being the most powerful and Common being the least powerful.

Important Note : If you want to use a scroll you, must use it prior to using one of your squad's abilities. On your squad's turn, you can use a scroll or a spell but not both.

Using a consumable means the quantity you own of that scroll will be reduced by one. You can purchase more scrolls in the store.