Spells are WarMage abilities that affect hexes and the squads contained in those hexes. Some spells persist beyond one turn or round and others do not. The range and area of effect varies from spell to spell. Spells require Mana to cast. Mana is earned on every turn, based on your WarMage's regeneration rate.

Here is an overview of how to use a spell in battle:

  • Hover your mouse cursor over spell icons to see how much Mana it will cost to cast the spell and to read basic information about the spell. More detailed information can be found on the spell page of your character information window. Your current Mana is displayed directly underneath your five spells.
  • Click the icon for the spell you would like to use from those found in the action bar at the top of the screen.
  • Review the available targets shown by a light red color on valid target hexes. Moving your mouse over the red hexes will show a dark red pattern on hexes you can affect with your spell. Once you have chosen your target hex or hexes, click your mouse to cast the spell.
  • Some spells have Area of Effect (AOE) pattern based on the direction you cast them. For these you will see hexes divided up into 6 directions.
  • Elemental magic AOE Damage spells will damage all units, including friendly ones, located on the targeted hexes.

Important Note : If you want to use a spell you, must use it prior to using one of your squad's abilities. On your squad's turn, you can use a spell or a scroll but not both.